Incorporating Facial Tools Into Your Skincare Routine

How To Use Jade Roller + Gua Sha Tool In Skincare Routine

If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate Mount Lai tools into your skincare routine, this guide is for you. When do you use your jade roller or gua sha tool in your routine? We’ll walk you through the order of a comprehensive skincare routine. Before we get started, it’s important to note that there’s no need to follow every step in this routine! Do what works for you. 

Step One: Cleanser + Warm Water
Begin your routine with cleansed skin.

Step Two: Toner
Toning the skin helps make sure every last bit of dirt and excess oil are removed while still providing hydration and gentle exfoliation.

Step Three: Essence
Essences help the rest of your skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin and work more effectively.

Step Four: Facial Massage Balm / Face Oil / Serum
This step helps prep your skin to ensure that the facial tools glide instead of pull on the skin. We created our Calming Herbal Repair Facial Massage Balm for this very purpose! It enhances the glide of your facial tools for fluid movements while also nourishing your skin with nutrient-rich plant oils, butters and herbs. 

Step Five: Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool
Built to have a firming, lifting effect on the skin, our Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool helps relieve facial and jaw tension and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Step Six: Jade Textured Massaging Roller
The Jade Textured Roller is designed to energize + massage the face and bring the glow back to the skin. It transforms skin from dull to glowing while still being natural, non-invasive and gentle enough that it works even for those with sensitive skin.

Step Seven: De-Puffing Facial Roller
The De-Puffing Facial Roller brings the skin back to harmony with its de-puffing and soothing properties. 

Step Eight: Eye Cream
Use your ring finger to gently apply eye cream to the eye area.

Step Nine: De-Puffing Eye Massage Tool
Inspired by Chinese acupressure points and designed specifically to treat the delicate skin around the eyes, the De-Puffing Eye Massage Tool helps reduce puffiness, awaken the eye area and aid in the absorption of eye cream into the skin.

Step Ten: Moisturizer
As a final step, seal it all in with a hydrating moisturizer. Follow with SPF in your morning routine!

Again, this is just our suggestion on what a skincare routine looks like with our facial tools. There is no right or wrong way so feel free to switch up the order based on your own personal preferences. If you have more time, incorporate more steps. If you are short on time, choose which steps make the most impact on you. We believe that skincare is self care so simply carving out time to care for your skin is a gift to yourself. Our goal is to provide you with every day rituals that act as a breath of calmness in your busy life.

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