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Mount Lai was started by Stephanie Zheng, a beauty blogger and Traditional Chinese Medicine herbologist.

It all started with Stephanie’s grandmother’s jade roller, a Chinese skincare tool that’s been used for thousands of years. In fact, her grandmother has been jade rolling for over 50 years! When Stephanie tried to purchase one of her own, it was difficult to find one with integrity of both quality and design.

We created Mount Lai to make this tool accessible to all. Our dream is that our jade rollers provide you with a 60 second daily self-care ritual for both healthy skin and peaceful mind. 


The name Mount Lai plays homage to Mount Penglai from Chinese mythology.

There are magical fruits that grow on this mountain with healing powers. Not only do they cure injuries and disease, but also grant eternal youth.

We hope that you view Mount Lai as a place for healing and wellness; we provide products that help you create rituals for both physical and mental well-being.





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