Q: Can I use Mount Lai facial oils for oily skin?

Mount Lai Plant Root Remedy Balancing Facial Oil - An AAPI woman owned beauty brand rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There is a common misconception that using facial oils can make you break out, especially for those with oily skin types. However, not all oils are the same! Using a facial oil can actually provide a multitude of moisturizing and healing benefits, and can even make oily skin less oily over time – you just have to look for the right kind of facial oils.

Oftentimes, those with oily skin may be suffering from lack of moisture, which causes an overproduction of sebum because the skin tries to compensate, making the skin appear “shiny.” Too much sebum production also leads to clogged, irritated pores, and more frequent breakouts. Despite what many think, a facial oil can actually help regulate how much sebum is being produced by balancing the skin. The oils we use in Mount Lai skincare products are non-comedogenic, meaning that they do not clog pores, and mimic the natural oils we have on our skin. This is why we call our skincare "biocompatible.” 

Our favorite oil to use for balancing the skin is Plant Root Remedy Balancing Facial Oil. In addition to supporting and calming the skin barrier, Plant Root Remedy provides moisture to drier areas of the skin and helps reduce sebum production of oilier areas of the skin, resulting in less irritation and breakouts. Biocompatible botanical oils signal to the skin that the oilier areas can produce less oil, while still providing needed moisture to dry areas. 

Other benefits of Plant Root Remedy include:

  • Nourishing the skin

  • Fighting against environmental stressors

  • Improving moisture and plumpness with naturally lipid-rich plant oils

  • Supporting cellular regeneration 

If you are looking for a brightening facial oil, try Brightening Berry Vitamin C Facial Oil to brighten the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, and firm the skin. All of our skincare products and facial tools were created to be beneficial for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

To get the most out of Plant Root Remedy, pair it with a Mount Lai facial tool for a facial massage that relaxes and enhances absorption into the skin.