Q: What are the differences between warm and cool tools?

Did you know that you can use your Mount Lai facial tools cool or warm? Your skin type and the benefits you are looking for can help you determine whether you want to use your tools warm or cool. For example, drier skin types may benefit more from cooler temperatures, whereas those with oily skin can benefit from warm. Knowing what's best for your own skin can help you achieve optimal skin health. Continue reading to learn the different benefits of warm vs. cool tools!

Benefits of warm tools

Stones to use: Black Obsidian

  • Ideal for acne-prone skin. Our Black Obsidian tools, for example, encourage stimulation of the lymphatic system, which helps reduce inflammation. 

  • Great for de-puffing the skin, especially with the combination of facial massage. 

  • Boosts circulation. Heat increases blood flow, which results in glowing skin!

  • Stress and tension relieving. Not only will warming your tools aid in your own relaxation, but will also help relax your muscles. 

  • Increases skin permeability. The addition of heat can aid in product absorption, and allow them to penetrate deeper into the skin. 

To heat your Black Obsidian tools before use, try placing them in a bowl of warm water!

Benefits of cool tools

Stones to use: Jade, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst 

    • Minimizes the size of pores. The cooling of the tool will cause the pores to constrict, making them appear smaller. This won’t permanently reduce pore size (It’s genetic!), so it is important to use retinols and/or chemical exfoliants alongside your facial tools. 

    • Reduces inflammation and redness. Just as you treat an injury, cold tools can alleviate inflammation by constricting blood vessels + reducing blood flow to the inflamed area. 

    • Tightens the skin. Same effect to your pores, but can boost the lifting effect of your gua sha tool. 

    • Enhances glow to help with dullness. Cold temperatures calm and brighten the skin.

    • Plumps skin. Blood vessels are constricted with cold temperatures, but dilate back to normal when skin is brought back to its original state. This gives the skin a plumping effect.  

To cool your tools before use, try storing them in a refrigerator!


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