Treat Your Skin Concerns with Facial Tools - from acne to facial tension

Rose Quartz The Stone of Love

Turn your skincare routine into a self care ritual. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to skin concerns, Mount Lai’s tools offer a wide variety of benefits and are extremely versatile. Whether you worry about dark circles, texture and acne on a day-to-day basis, our tools work with all skin types and all age ranges to enhance your skin’s radiance.

Need some initial guidance in what your Mount Lai ritual might look like? Read on to see what we recommend for different skin types!


Treating Acne-prone Skin

For acne prone skin, we recommend this powerful duo that soothes and de-puffs: The Black Obsidian Facial Spa Set contains our Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool and De-Puffing Facial Roller; a pairing that brings harmony and radiance. Black Obsidian is unique for its ability to naturally retain warmth, making it ideal for congested, blemish-prone skin types. The warmth of the obsidian encourages stimulation of the lymphatic system + circulation to remove toxins and absorb nutrients for clear, glowing skin.  

Black Obsidian Facial Tools

Sensitivity + Redness

To instantly soothe the skin, our De-Puffing Facial Roller is the perfect tool for sensitive skin. The art of jade rolling works to gently massage the skin and boost circulation, which can calm inflammation. Those dealing with rosacea, hyperpigmentation and sensitivity can find relief through the coolness of the stone, no matter which one you use.

For an extra boost of coolness, place your tools in the Mount Lai Skincare Fridge. Cooling your tools can reduce redness, instantly revive the skin and enhance the tool’s soothing qualities. 

To Naturally Lift, Contour and Sculpt the Face

The practice of gua sha has been used for centuries due to its healing and detoxifying properties. Gua sha tools are fantastic for promoting lymphatic drainage and releasing facial and jaw tension. Consistent use of the gua sha tool lifts the skin and enhances facial features over time. 

If you are looking for a complete gua sha ritual, try our Jade Acupressure Gua Sha Spoon and Jade Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool for an ideal combo. Jade symbolizes eternal youth and is naturally coolinga stone that brings harmony for those wanting to improve their complexion.

Our Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool is available in four stone variations (jade, rose quartz, amethyst and black obsidian), as well as in stainless steel.

Reducing Puffy Eyes

To awaken and rejuvenate the eye area, the Eye Massage Tool can be used to address puffiness by gently gliding the tool around the eyelid. And for at-home spa days, place our Eye Mask flat against the skin to invigorate and soothe the eye area. Both tools are available in rose quartz and jade for a calming moment in your routine.

Scalp Care

The skin on our scalp is just as important as our face. Not only does using a Jade Comb provide a luxurious head massage, it also boosts circulation and reduces tension. This process can help boost hair growth and relieve headaches.

Facial + Neck Tension

Revive the skin and release tension with the ultimate stress relief: the Tension Melting Massager and Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool. These tools can be used for the face, neck and shoulders to deeply knead the skin and muscles. The Tension Melting Massager has over 100 facets on each roller head to hug every corner of the face, and the Gua Sha Lifting Tool has unique curves to gently scrape against tense areas for the most luxurious massage.

Release Facial Tension and Reduce 11 Lines with the Tension Melting Massager

We recommend applying your favorite skincare product before using a facial tool. A product we love is our Calming Herbal Repair Facial Massage Balm, that was made with all skin types in mind. Our balm helps enhance the glide of your Mount Lai Tools to amplify their benefits.

To learn more about our tools and how to use them together, read our guide here.