The Science Behind Why Facial Tools ACTUALLY Work

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Mount Lai tools are designed to work on the lymphatic system, address adhesions in the fascia and melt tension in the facial and jaw muscles, promoting a radiant complexion + combatting fine lines and wrinkles.

 01 / What is lymphatic drainage and why is it important? The lymphatic system is a part of the immune system that helps the body get rid of toxins and waste. If the lymphatic system is not functioning well, it can result in fluid build up which may result in puffy skin. Stagnation of the lymphatic system can also lead to an increase in toxins, which can make the skin appear dull or even result in acne breakouts.

02 / The benefits of lymphatic drainage are two-fold. Lymphatic drainage removes toxic and congestive substances from the tissues, which allows greater absorption of nutrients. Besides aiding with lymphatic drainage, gua sha massage stimulates circulation and blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the other cells and the combination of lymphatic drainage + massage allows you to remove toxins from the tissues and absorb greater nutrients to nourish the skin.

03 / Why is using a tool better than using your hands? The beauty of Mount Lai tools is that they work on the skin without pulling. As a result, the tool is able to work on the very surface level of the skin to target the lymph system and fascia that you wouldn’t be able to target with your hands. Tools allow you to work more evenly on the entire face and target pressure points more precisely than you would get with just your hands alone.

04 / Which tools do you recommend for lymphatic drainage? Our favorite tool for lymphatic drainage is the gua sha tool. Pair this with a facial roller to soothe and bring the skin back to harmony after your gua sha practice. For an amazing value, you can purchase these tools together in a gift set as a complete starting kit to facial massage.

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