Why Should I Use An Essence?

Mount Lai Tremella Tonic Activating Essence - An AAPI woman owned beauty brand rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Adding an essence to your skincare routine is one of the most effective ways to get the most out of your skincare products, helping to prep the skin for the rest of your routine. They’re lightweight in feel, water-like to the touch, yet pack a powerful punch when it comes to providing long-lasting hydration and enhancing your glow. In case you are not very familiar with skincare essences and what exactly they do for the skin, we are here to break it down for you.

What is an essence?

Essences are the ideal skincare product to prep the skin for the rest of your routine as they allow following products to be absorbed deeper into the skin. Use an essence in your skincare routine after your toner and before layering serums or moisturizers and oils. An essence’s low molecular weight gives it a watery feel, which allows it to penetrate deep into the skin.

We also love using essences cocktailed with our favorite skincare for extra hydration. Essences are a leave-on treatment that are extremely versatile, and beneficial to pair with your skincare products for enhanced effectiveness. 

Who benefits from essences?

In short: everyone! If you are looking for a product that maximizes the effectiveness of your skincare or just need a quick boost of plumping hydration, we highly recommend incorporating an essence into your beauty ritual. No matter your skin type, an essence can be a game changing skincare product that actively works throughout the day – not just during application. 

Looking for an essence that supports skin health, and increases hydration with the power of plant botanicals and hyaluronic acid? Meet our new Tremella Tonic Activating Essence Mist.

Introducing Tremella Tonic Activating Essence Mist

Tremella Tonic Activating Essence Mist activates the skin with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) plant adaptogens. Tremella mushroom is boosted with hyaluronic acid for long-lasting and deep-penetrating hydration, while fermented black tea enhances the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients. Together, these ingredients plump your skin and enhance its glow. 

Other additional benefits of Tremella Tonic Activating Essence Mist include:

  • Drawing and locking moisture into the skin

  • Enhancing nutrient absorption

  • Smoothing and plumping the skin

  • Supporting the skin microbiome with enriching postbiotics

  • Helping other skincare products work better

Hero Ingredients Rooted in Traditional Chinese Wisdom

  • Tremella Mushroom: Draws in moisture and locks it into the skin for long lasting hydration, used for centuries as a Traditional Chinese herb for its beauty benefits

  • Fermented Black Tea: Enhances nutrient absorption and supports the skin microbiome through its rich postbiotics profile 

  • Green Tea Extract: Combats free radical damage for anti-inflammatory benefits 

  • Bamboo Extract: Strengthens the skin barrier with essential amino acids and antioxidants

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Smooths and plumps the skin

Great for all skin types, use before applying serums and/or facial oils, or whenever your skin needs a boost of hydration. Pair Tremella Tonic Activating Essence Mist with Mount Lai’s nutrient-rich Serum Concentrate or non-comedogenic Facial Oils to maximize their absorption and effectiveness.

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