Lymphatic Drainage 101

Do you want to naturally achieve glowing skin? Lymphatic drainage can combat dull and puffy skin to give the skin a glow, improving the health and therefore the look of skin. Lymphatic drainage offers so many benefits -- but what exactly is it, and why is it important? 

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What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a part of the immune system that helps the body get rid of toxins and waste. If the lymphatic system is not functioning well, it can result in fluid build up which may result in puffy skin. Stagnation of the lymphatic system can also lead to an increase in toxins, which can make the skin appear dull or even result in acne breakouts.

And what are the benefits of lymphatic drainage?

The benefits of lymphatic drainage are two-fold. Lymphatic drainage removes toxic and congestive substances from the tissues, which allows greater absorption of nutrients. Besides aiding with lymphatic drainage, gua sha massage stimulates circulation and blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the other cells and the combination of lymphatic drainage + massage allows you to remove toxins from the tissues and absorb greater nutrients to nourish the skin.

However, there are also aesthetic benefits to lymphatic drainage, such as:

  • Improving blood circulation to give skin a glow
  • Reducing puffiness + fluid buildup of the skin
  • Firming and lifting the face overtime 
  • Providing an at-home anti-wrinkle treatment

The gua sha tool is our favorite tool to use for lymphatic drainage because of its specially designed shape. Its curves and broad surface hug the contours of the face and facilitate a gentle stretch of the tissues and fascia which help support fluid movement and lymphatic drainage.

Practice lymphatic drainage at-home with the steps below:

  1. Start with a clean face and prep skin with a facial oil or serum. Our favorite is the Calming Herbal Repair Facial Massage Balm to ensure that tools can glide on the skin without pulling. 
  2. Keep your Mount Lai Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool flat against the face and begin with the forehead. Scrape in an upwards motion from the eyebrows to the hairline.
  3. For the under-eye area, very gently scrape the gua sha tool from the inner corner of the eye outwards to the temple. Because the area is so sensitive, it is important to only apply light pressure.
  4. Move to the cheeks and scrape in an outwards motion starting from the crease of the nose until the ear. There are a lot of lymph nodes around the ear, which is why you bring the massage all the way to the ear.
  5. Move to the jawline and use the end of the gua sha tool with the two curves. Start from the chin and scrape until the ear. Gently massage the gua sha tool into the ear to release tension.
  6. Still keeping the tool as flat as you can, gently scrape from the top of the neck down to encourage lymphatic drainage at the lymph nodes along the collar bone. You can incorporate the neck in one move with Step 5, using one large swipe along the jaw and then down the neck.

We recommend practicing each movement at least 5 times on each side of the face. In order to maximize results, consistency and proper form is key!

Improve the look and health of your skin from the comfort of your home with a daily gua sha massage.

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