Mei Apothecary Spa Towel Wristbands for Drip-Free Face Washing - 2 Pairs

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Meet Mei Apothecary, Mount Lai's little sister. A vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand that believes healthy skin is happy skin. Mei Apothecary makes skincare that is kind, fun, and effective.
NO MORE DRIPS. Use these wristbands when you wash your face for a drip-free, mess-free, enjoyable face washing experience. These fluffy, ultra absorbent spa towel wristbands keep the water from dripping down your arms.

HOW TO USE: Put the wristbands onto your wrists and then wash your face as normal. After washing your face, remove the wristbands, wring them out and let them air dry. Machine washable. Tumble dry low.

Includes: 2 pairs of wristbands that keep water from running down your arms and onto the counter!
Key Benefits
    Use our facial tools and skincare for naturally glowing, radiant skin. Pair different tools together with our skincare to maximize results. We harness ancient beauty secrets with a modern approach to craft gentle yet effective tools and skincare. Our products are easy to use and perfect to add to your everyday ritual. For a detailed guide on how to use,
    read our Guidebook
    A Brand Rooted in History and Culture...
    We believe in wisdom through the ages. Our products are based around Traditional Chinese Medicine practices that have been passed down through generations, inspired by founder Stephanie Zheng's grandmother. Our skincare products are formulated in collaboration with Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, using herbs intentionally selected for their healing and beneficial properties that have been studied extensively throughout history. Learn more here
    learn more here

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    תמר מנהיים

    Mei Apothecary Spa Towel Wristbands for Drip-Free Face Washing - 2 Pairs


    I only wish I found these earlier! No more wet sleeves after face washing. I also use them during at home ice facials. Perfect 🤗

    Sophia Saetta
    Spa Towel Wristbands

    I saw someone on YouTube talking about Towel Wristbands for face washing and I knew had to try because that's one thing I dislike about washing my face in the sink. These are soft and prevent dripping.

    Babs C.
    Nice gift for the skincare enthusiast

    These spa towel wrists are great to give as gifts to your skincare aficionado. The pack comes with 2 pairs which is convenient for throwing in the wash rotation or splitting up and giving to a friend. It blocks the water from running down my arms and prevents splashing.



    Luke Rizzo
    For my mom

    She loves it

    Cheryl R
    Mei Apothecary Spa Towel Wristbands

    An excellent price for two pairs of soft, absorbent wristbands. Please consider offering a twin package of matching hairbands for those of us with long hair. Thanks!

    Good Gua Sha - Doesn't Break

    I really like that it doesn't break if it slips from my hands, the weight of it. Its sturdy and worth the up-charge compared to Gua Sha tools from Amazon or TJMAXX or other discount stores.

    Carolyn J.
    Mei Apothecary Spa Towel Wristbands

    I absolutely love the towel wristbands. A clever, practical idea and they’re quick drying. As soon as the towel wristbands were featured I couldn’t wait to make a purchase. I was not disappointed! I plan to give them as gifts to family and friends.

    Michelle E.
    Mei Apothecary Spa Towel Wristbands

    I love these wristbands. Big difference in my routine. Forgot to use them once & won't forget again.

    The Benefits of Calming Herbal Repair

    Naturally powered by healing herbs and plant botanicals that support the skin barrier.


    Purple Gromwell Root

    accelerates cellular repair and healing


    Licorice Root

    fights free radical damage and inflammation with antioxidants


    Rhodiola Root

    protects skin from environmental stressors


    Astragalus Root

    soothes skin irritations


    Blue Tansy Oil

    calms the skin and promotes cellular regeneration


    Squalane + Meadowfoam Seed Oil

    balance and hydrate the skin

    The Benefits of Gua Sha & Facial Massage

    Besides improving overall health and radiance of the skin, consistent facial massage with Mount Lai tools has a multitude of benefits:

    Promote Lymphatic Drainage

    Promote Lymphatic Drainage

    by clearing congestion and removing blockages

    Reduce Puffiness + Fluid Buildup

    Reduce Puffiness + Fluid Buildup

    by guiding excess fluid away from the face

    Relieve Facial + Jaw Tension

    Relieve Facial + Jaw Tension

    by targeting and relaxing tight muscles in the face

    Give Skin A Radiant Glow

    Give Skin A Radiant Glow

    by aiding in circulation, bringing blood and nutrients to the skin

    Firm and Lift The Face Over Time

    Firm and Lift The Face Over Time

    by gently working and stretching the fascia that sits underneath the skin

    Firm and Lift The Face Over Time

    Bring harmony to the skin

    by soothing and calming the complexion

    The Stone Guide

    A Guide To Choosing The Right Stone For Your Mount Lai Facial Tools


    The Stone of Eternal Youth - Balancing


    The Stone of Love - Soothing


    The Stone of Tranquility - Calming


    The Stone of Clarity - Warming

    Not sure which stone
    is right for you?

    take our stone quiz →

    Why It Works

    Mount Lai tools are designed to work on the lymphatic system, address adhesions in the fascia and melt tension in the facial and jaw muscles, promoting a radiant complexion + combatting fine lines and wrinkles.

    01 / Why is lymphatic drainage important? The lymphatic system is a part of the immune system that helps the body get rid of toxins and waste. ...

    02 / The benefits of lymphatic drainage are two-fold. Lymphatic drainage removes toxic and congestive substances from the tissues, which allows greater absorption of nutrients. ...

    03 / Why is using a tool better than using your hands? The beauty of Mount Lai tools is that they work on the skin without pulling. As a result, the tool is able to work on the very surface level of the skin to target the lymph system and fascia that you wouldn’t be able to target with your hands. ...

    A Modern Approach
    to Ancient Rituals

    Beauty tools & skincare rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Where it fits into your ritual

    Go to /collections/skincare
    Prep the skin

    Apply your product. Our favorite is the Calming Herbal Repair Balm.

    Shop Skincare
    Go to /collections/gua-sha-facial-tool-collection
    Gua Sha

    Once the skin is ready, we will begin a gua sha facial massage to activate lymphatic drainage.

    Shop Gua Sha
    Go to /collections/gua-sha-facial-tool-collection
    Complete the ritual

    Follow with our facial rollers to bring the skin to harmony.

    Shop Facial Rollers
    the story of mount lai begins

    Beauty tools & skincare rooted in traditional Chinese medicine...

    We use wisdom that has been passed down through generations to create beauty tools and skincare rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We use natural plant based remedies and deep knowledge of the body’s internal systems to achieve amazing results.

    learn more
    beauty tools & skincare rooted in traditional Chinese medicine