Social Responsibility

Since its founding, Mount Lai’s mission has been to be a source of wellness and healing for you. Whether you are looking for glowing skin, mental rejuvenation, or full body healing, our products are made for you. With this in mind, we strive for the highest quality stones for our facial tools and the highest quality ingredients in our skincare. We work hard to ensure that not only the quality, but also the sourcing and way we do work, from the start of our supply chain to final warranty, is up to our standards.

Responsible, Ethical Sourcing & Environmental Stewardship
Our definition of responsible, ethical sourcing contains two key components:
1. Labor: Stones are mined such that the miners’ well-being and safety is looked after.
2. Environment: Stones are mined in such a way to minimize environmental impact.


Mount Lai has invested heavily to monitor every step of its supply chain to ensure that the stones we use are mined with responsible, ethical sourcing in mind. With our stones originating in China, Brazil, and South Africa, we have partnered with experts in the field that are able to provide transparency throughout the process, working with the miners and brokers directly. Our partners monitor and report labor practices to ensure there is no exploitation of labor, including but not limited to child labor and unsafe working conditions. We also do not engage in transactions that directly or indirectly fund conflict or terrorism in any way.


We have worked diligently to reduce the environmental impacts caused by our production operations. Each year we evaluate our business practices to find ways to reduce our carbon emissions, and we offset all carbon emissions with the partnership of Carbon Fund. The Carbon Fund organization works to reduce and offset climate impact and work towards transitioning to a cleaner future through Carbon Offset Projects. Our paper packaging is also made from recycled paper and we encourage the reuse of the packaging for storage. Since the Earth has given us the opportunity to provide these high-quality ingredients and stones to you, we are committed to ensuring that we are properly executing these practices while minimizing environmental impact.

Social Responsibility in Manufacturing
To ensure manufacturing processes are ethical and responsible, we require our stone tool manufacturer to undergo an annual Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) audit.

Amfori is an organization in the sustainability space whose main goal is to do good for the people and the planet through sustainable, ethical practices. A key component of their mission is to help companies fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through the partnership between Amfori, our supply chain, and our team, we are able to ensure that all workers are treated ethically and fairly – including freedom of association, fair remuneration, health & safety and prohibition of child labor. This tight knit partnership allows us to continuously monitor, review, and improve our supply chain’s processes and practices.

Continuous Improvement
We strive to set a high standard for ourselves and for others in responsible and ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship, and socially responsible manufacturing. Through these processes and our close monitoring of our supply chains, we continuously improve our practices, ranging from sourcing, to production, to the products themselves. Mount Lai looks forward to future improvement initiatives.



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